Haunter in the Dark

Session 1: The Edge of Darkness
The Edge of Darkness

After individually receiving a telegram from an old friend – Rupert Merriweather, the investigators meet for the first time at St. Mary’s hospital in Arkham. Merriweather gives them a box and a warning regarding the evil spirit he and his friends, the Dark Brotherhood, summoned years ago.

After viewing the contents of the box and doing some preliminary research, the investigators set off for Merriweather’s farmhouse to see if this spirit were all a hoax or not. They encounter Red Jake, a vagrant, in the basement, hiding and driven out of his mind from fear some something that tormented him through the previous evening.

After securing Red Jake outside the farmhouse. the investigators settle in to examine more clues found in the house, as well as the trap door to the attic. Upon forcing open the attic door, they discover the spirit Merriweather warned them of may in fact be quite real…


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